Unicorn Cake topper

The best unicorn cake topper

If you’ve ever seen a beautiful unicorn design, you may have considered making your own with a unicorn cake topper. These are the most popular type of cake toppers used by people who love the beauty and the charm of the big cat. If you’ve never seen a unicorn design for your cake, here’s how it works.

First, let’s look at how you create the unicorn cake topper. The design is simply drawn in red crayon. Next, you can place a border around the drawing with blue paint, or you can leave the lines with just the white color. You can use just a thin line or you can use a thicker one to get the best effect.

pin the tail on the unicorn

Unicorn cake toppers

You then take that outline and take it through many layers. You have to go back over it again until you have created a circle with an open centre. The next step is to build up layers of blue.

Once you’ve completed that, you’ll need to take your design and actually cut it out. Then you’ll need to attach it to the cake.

That first layer will be the design that you use to start to decorate the other layers. After that, the next layer will be a flower for the face of the design. And the last layer will have a different animal for the face.

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The great thing about this type of design is that you can use any animal that you’d like, or even a fairy for pin the unicorn. When you’re done with your design, simply smooth out any wrinkles in the outline. For a really detailed design, you’ll want to take a small brush and clean it.

Once you have cleaned it, you can apply it to the cake to get the effect that you want. You can paint your face, you can add some glitter dust, or you can add sparkles to your design. The options are endless when it comes to this type of cake topper.

This type of design will help you achieve an overall look that you can’t get from using the regular cake toppers. Using this design, you can add an extra wow factor to your birthday party without breaking the bank.