Unicorn Party

Planning a unicorn party

For a Unicorn party, you have to consider the many aspects of Unicorn. First, it’s a horse, the animal that gives us all the joy and happiness. Second, a Unicorn is also a symbol of purity, virility, strength, courage, or an element that flows on its own, or wherever it wants to go. Last, because of its delicate nature, it’s also a symbol of a whole lot of things that are unique and very beautiful.

To plan a Unicorn party, you first need to decide what you want your party to be, and in what particular way you want to create a certain atmosphere, and you will need to get some necessary touches and decorations in place. And, since Unicorn is a kind of horse, you can consider several things like adding up a horse head candle or some other small table coverings, or a table runner with a Pegasus emblem. A flower theme is also popular for Unicorn, as this theme of flowers and beautiful colors can be combined with other animal themes and are still very attractive.

Unicorn party games

unicorn party game

The next thing to do is to choose the appropriate gifts and favors for your guests. With Unicorn, you can ask the kids to bring the idea of their favorite cartoon characters and then add in some of the cool Unicorn stuff to surprise them. You can also buy some of the traditional Fairy tale art with ornaments and make an additional surprise gift box for the guest of honor.

Or if the child of honor is twelve years old, you can surprise them with an appropriate birthday gift, which is a fancy birthday card with some Unicorn theme, such as a unicorn picture frame or a lot of Unicorn stamping. You can also tell them to write some notes and send them to you, which you can put together with the gift cards.

Unicorn party favours

In case if the kids are more crafty people, you can get them to create their own personalized stuff like Unicorn card holders, a set of gold keychain, and they will have fun creating these ideas. Or they may also help you with the decorations like buying some sweet treats like teddy bears, that would be great because a Unicorn is very sweet to look at.

Pin the horn on the unicorn

For a party planning ideas, it would be good to choose a date that is quiet, or it may be any other time but preferably during summer or the first week of September. To make it easy, it’s better to choose a day when you are going to meet friends, and perhaps even attend a friend’s house or another friends place for an overnight party.

Unicorn party hats

But, in fact, what really matters is the time of the day that you hold the party. It is not necessary to limit it to an early morning or later than dark, the best time to hold a party is any time of the day. You can even use the music or singing, that would make the party more memorable.

So, what you have to do is just to have fun while making the party more entertaining, so start looking for the party supplies and then plan a party that would be more appealing for you and your friends. You can check the availability of party supplies online, because there are lots of websites that have a nice selection of party supplies that are available at cheap prices.